Dental Exams and Cleanings

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Dental Exams and Cleanings in Anamosa IA - Shao Family Dental

Dental cleanings are completed by our experienced dental hygienists, who are trained specifically for this role.  They begin by conducting an overall exam of your gums, teeth and soft tissues of the mouth.  They will document any changes in your dental health and medical health to make sure that small problems are caught before they worsen.  They will teach you proper methods for caring for your teeth and gums and answer any questions you may have.  When it comes to cleaning your teeth, they can use many instruments including hand scalers, (what you think of as usual cleaning instruments) ultrasonic scalers, (instruments that use high speed vibrations and water in a sort of “power washer” way).  They will complete the cleaning by polishing your teeth and flossing between all of your teeth.

Our dentist will reviews at any x-rays that may have been taken at your appointment and after doing a complete oral exam, they will diagnose any problems they may find make recommendations for treatment.

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