In-Office Discount Plan

No Insurance? No Problem. We've Got You Covered with Our In-House Dental Membership Plan.

What is Shao Advantage Plan

Shao Advantage Plan is our in-office savings plan that aims to bring affordability and simplicity to dental care to combat the complexity and frustration of dealing with dental insurance companies.  Our plans cover routine preventative visits at our offices at 100% and offers a flat discount on other services with no exceptions and no maximums.

How is this plan different than Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance premiums have increased year over year without any increase in benefits and also include limitations that make your plans difficult to use.  Most insurances also prohibit many procedures that patients may need such as braces or cosmetic dentistry.

Our plan eliminates all the complexity and frustration of dealing with dental insurance.  Unlike dental insurance, there are no confusing terms, limitations on procedures, annual maximums, deductibles, copays, non-coverage for pre-existing conditions.  No more waiting for pre-authorizations or wondering if your insurance plan will cover a procedures. 

What is covered under each plan?

Adults & Children Preventative Plan

  • Two Dental Exams
  • Two Routine Cleanings
  • Routine cavity checking X-rays to complete annual exams
  • Two Fluoride Treatments
  • One Emergency Exam
  • 15% discount on all general procedures
  • 5% discount on implant related procedures, major cosmetic rehabilitations, Botox and orthodontic care

Periodontal Maintenance Plan

  • Two Dental Exams
  • Up to four periodontal maintenance cleanings
  • Routine cavity checking X-rays to complete annual exams
  • Four Fluoride Treatments
  • One Emergency exam
  • 15% discount on all general procedures
  • 5% discount on implant related procedures, major cosmetic rehabilitations, Botox and orthodontic care

Which x-rays are covered and which ones are not?

Our plans cover x-rays that are done on a routine bases during your visit to check for decay and bone health.  Annually we will take x-rays called bitewings to check for decay and every 3-5 years we will take x-rays called a full-mouth series.  These x-rays are covered free of charge on your plan. 

X-rays that are taken to further evaluate problems that the routine x-rays do not show (periapicals) or x-rays that are taken to evaluate the jaw, wisdom teeth, to prepare for orthodontic care or implants  (panoramic, lateral cephalometric or cone-beam CT) are not routine x-rays and therefore are not fully covered.  The 15% discount will apply to these special x—rays.

How do I know if I need the Periodontal Maintenance Plan?

Periodontitis is a serious disease that leads to loss of jaw-bone.  We perform measurements as a part of your routine exam to evaluate for the presence of this disease.  If you are suffering from this disease and require more advanced treatment, we will have a discussion with you regarding the need for periodontal cleanings.

Features & benefits

  • Reduced dental fees for all services
  • No annual maximums and no annual deductible
  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • No pre-authorization requirements
  • Immediate eligibility
  • No missing tooth clause restrictions or exclusions
  • No claim forms

Plan guidelines

  • Effective date begins on the date the entire membership fee is paid and expires after 365 days
  • Annual enrollment fees are due at the time of enrollment
  • Our savings plan is valid with health savings accounts, flex spending accounts and health reimbursement accounts
  • All membership fees are non-refundable
  • All treatment fees are due in full on the date of service

Exclusions & limitations

  • Our savings plan is not dental insurance.  Our savings plan is only valid at our offices and cannot be used at any other dental offices including specialist offices that we refer to
  • Cannot be used with dental insurance plans
  • Cannot be used for services required due to a worker’s compensation injury
  • Cannot be used for hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind
  • Cannot be used for costs of dental care which is covered under automobile medical
  • Discounts cannot be applied in conjunctions with in-office financing for treatment
  • Our program is not transferable to another party
  • Will not apply to dental care for injuries covered under worker’s compensation
  • Not valid on products

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