Oral Surgery

At Shao Family Dental, we understand that having a tooth extracted or undergoing a dental surgical procedure will bring anxiety to the calmest of patients.  We do not take that fact lightly and will be sure that we have exhausted all potential options before deciding on these procedures.

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Oral Surgery in Anamosa IA - Shao Family Dental

We offer dental extractions and various other oral surgery procedures right here in our office. Save yourself the pain of visiting a general dentist only to be told they do not extract teeth while being handed a referral slip to a specialist.

We are able to remove troublesome teeth while preparing the surgical site for possible future procedures such as dental implants.

While we may not ever be able to make oral surgery a happy event, our doctors at Shao Family Dental strive to keep up advanced techniques and technology to ensure we make the process as quick and comfortable as possible for our patients.

Whether you are having a tooth extracted because it is painful, to prepare your jaw for dentures, dental implants, or for braces, rest assured that our doctors will sit with you to thoroughly explain the procedure as well as discuss the details of your post-operative healing to make sure you have a fast and painless recovery.

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