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Insurance & Financing

We wholeheartedly believe that even the best of dental care should be affordable to everyone.

Our office accepts most insurance plans. Please contact us so we can look up your specific plan and better inform you of your coverage and benefits.

There is a misconception that using out-of-network providers will cost significantly more than using in-network providers even though they may not be your first choice!  For most procedures, out-of-network insurances will cover just as much as in-network insurances meaning that there would be no cost difference or very minimal cost difference.  Why choose a dentist that you don’t have complete faith in just because they’re in-network?  Give us a call and find out more about your insurance plan!

We accept all major credit cards as well as cash and personal checks.

Online Payments

You can conveniently pay your dental invoice online through our secure online payment portal.

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