Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings in Anamosa IA - Shao Family Dental

All of us at Shao Family Dental pride ourselves on helping our patients to maintain a healthy smile with preventative dental care such as exams and cleanings.  But unfortunately cavities do happen.

We offer tooth-colored composite fillings which are durable, predictable and blend in to surrounding tooth structure so no one has to ever know you have had dental work done.

Why Cavities Require Fillings

Because teeth are not capable of self-repair, once a cavity gets to a certain size it will continue to get larger and deeper until it destroys a large portion of the tooth or infects the nerve.  Fillings allows us to stop and prevent further destruction of the tooth which will require more extensive and more expensive procedures.  The goal of fillings is to remove the infected part of the tooth which prevents further spread of the cavity and then filling the tooth with restorative material which smoothly blends in with surrounding tooth structure.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Composite Fillings

They are esthetic.  By matching the shade of the composite to the tooth, we are able to achieve a smooth transition from the filling to natural tooth structure making it unnoticeable to the eye therefore making it a great option on front teeth as well as back teeth.

They are conservative.  Composite fillings require less tooth structure removal than silver amalgam fillings.  As more of the tooth is replaced by filling material, the chance of cracks and fracture increases so by preserving precious tooth structure, we lessen the chance of the tooth requiring more major work.

They lessen chance of major future problems.  Composite fillings are more gentle to the treated tooth and opposing teeth than silver amalgam fillings.  They decrease the chance that a treated tooth may crack or fracture.

They can be repaired.  Unlike silver amalgam fillings which need to be removed in its entirety if it chips, composite fillings can be repaired more easily.  In many cases, the defective portion can be removed and repaired with a new fillings while leaving the unbroken part alone.

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